ProductRecallNZ Webinar

ProductRecallNZ Webinar


Training to help you understand and make the best use of GS1 New Zealand's ProductRecallNZ service

The ProductRecall webinar is about 40 minutes long and held weekly on Wednesday at 2pm and Friday at 10am. To be able to take part in the webinar you need to register at least one hour prior to the start time. These trainings are free and intended for users who are new to the service, or existing users looking for a refresher.

For more indepth and personalised training options for your team, enquire here.

What’s covered?

The ProductRecallNZ training covers:

  • What ProductRecallNZ is and its benefits
  • How it fits within the wider recall process
  • Creating notifications
  • Efficient ways to communicate with all trading partners
  • Monitoring your recalls
  • Recall Ready
  • User administration

You’ll also be able to ask questions during and after the sessions.

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