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GS1 is a not for profit, member based organisation. We're an association of businesses from various industry sectors.

Together, we improve efficiencies, reduce costs and deliver better service to members. 

GS1 believes in the power of standards to transform the way we work and live for the better.

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GS1 Membership

 GS1 Membership is essential for businesses and includes a variety of annual benefits: 

GS1 services 

barcode symbols

Beneficial and
informative GS1 training 

5 FREE Global Location
Numbers (GLNs)

Full Membership Fees

Become a GS1 Full Member to access:

  • GS1 barcode numbers
  • GS1 Global Location Numbers (GLNs)
  • GS1 New Zealand services
  • and many more.

* GS1 fee structure is based upon Annual Turnover, which allows easier entry into the market for smaller businesses.




If your company requires barcodes you can licence GS1 Global Trade Items Numbers (GTINs - barcode numbers) to use on your products.

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Gross annual
turnover *

Annual fee
(GST exclusive)

















Over $5b

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To be an Affiliate you must:

  • be a small, startup business
  • have an annual turnover of less than $1 million
  • have a limited product range.

As an Affiliate you can licence:

  • a GS1 barcode number, or 
  • a GS1 Global Location Number (GLN).

Note: Affiliates pay increased rates for all GS1 New Zealand services.



Licence a globally recognised GS1 barcode number
GS1 event and training discounts
GS1 Barcode symbol for $15 plus GST


  • Licence fee (GST exclusive)
    /per number


GS1 New Zealand's member portal

MyGS1 is an easy to use and secure GS1 member portal. You can pay invoices,
view your GS1 barcode numbers, access GS1 services, view your company details and much more.

Why turnover category?

To become a member of GS1 New Zealand, we request you confirm your turnover category.

GS1's fees are based upon your Gross Annual Turnover, which allows easier entry into the market for smaller businesses.

Confirming your Turnover Category ensures you are correctly invoiced right from the start. 

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