Introducing: “A revolution in barcodes” webinar - 10am April 27

One small change in barcodes that’s going to create enormous benefits for your business and your customers.

GS1 and the global retail industry are embarking on one of the biggest changes in barcodes since the introduction of the original barcode over 50 years ago: the global rollout and adoption of 2D barcodes.

Retailers, businesses and regulators, are wanting to know more about products both on-shelf and online.  They’re wanting more information such as what is the product made of, where does it come from (and when) and what’s the packaging profile.

Today’s consumers are also demanding more detailed information about the products they buy; the ingredients, from where and how a product was produced, and how best to use and recycle it. And the digital consumer wants to have visibility of all this at their fingertips.

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